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What if my credit card charge fails?

It’s important to feel secure when relying on event planning software like ThymeBase. And that means if your credit card fails, we’ve got your back. First, don’t stress it. You won’t lose any important details. Your account will remain totally... view article >>

Pricing Plans: How Much Does ThymeBase Cost?

That’s an easy one. We’ve tried to keep our awesome event planning software pretty simple, and that includes the pricing plans. ThymeBase has only two pricing plans. The first plan, up to 5 simultaneous active events is totally free. Yup,... view article >>

How Does ThymeBase Billing Work?

We’ve tried to keep ThymeBase billing as simple as possible. But before I describe how it all works, I want to make sure you know that if you have any questions at all, please do reach out to us.  ThymeBase... view article >>

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