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ThymeBase Organization & Teams Basics

A ThymeBase Organization is how you collaborate with others on events. In this post, we’ll go over the basics of setting up a ThymeBase organization and adding team members. When you build a team, you’re able to collaborate on events... view article >>

The Event Details Section

When working on your event in ThymeBase’s event planning software, you’ll notice the event details section. Watch this video or read about it below. You’ll find the event details tab in your event: But what can you actually do in... view article >>

Editing Categories in ThymeBase

As you create events and build out your event task lists, you’ll be creating new categories, or using existing ones. And that’s cool and all, but what if you need to edit a category, correct a typo, or you just want... view article >>

Managing Links & Documents in ThymeBase

As you create events, manage your event task lists, or add timeline items in ThymeBase, you have the option to add files and links. You might be uploading a floor plan, attaching a contract to a task, or appending a link to... view article >>

Managing Venues & Locations In ThymeBase

As you create events or add timeline items in ThymeBase, you have the option to assign locations – the address of the venue, where the bridal suite is, and where the rehearsal will be held. Of course, sometimes you’ll want... view article >>

Managing Contacts In ThymeBase

Contacts are an important part of ThymeBase. You can add contacts to timeline items to assign the point of contact. Soon, we’ll be adding way more functionality around assigning tasks, and creating teams, and so this area will be a... view article >>

The Task Dashboard

If you’d like to manage all your tasks in one place, even across multiple events, then I’ve got good news for you. Introducing the the Task Dashboard. The Task Dashboard is a single view in which you can see every... view article >>

How To Duplicate An Event [Video]

Turn any event timeline or task list into a template with the duplicate tool. Not all that much to say other than to try it yourself. Here’s how to duplicate an event in ThymeBase. Step 1: Click on the kebab... view article >>

Create A Timeline Item in ThymeBase [Video]

So you’re ready to create a timeline item in ThymeBase? Well, I’m glad you’re crafting an event with us, and I’ll show you shortly, exactly how to add your very first timeline items. So without further delay, here’s a short... view article >>

How To Create An Event In ThymeBase [Video]

You’re about to create an event in ThymeBase. That’s super exciting and this video will walk you through each of the steps. Please remember that you’re not alone in our event planning software. Whether you’d like help learning the ropes, or... view article >>

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