Are You A Client? Here’s How Your Client Portal Works

If you’re a client and your event pro sent you a link to the client portal, let me just say that I hope your event is a spectacular success.

But what on earth is the client portal, and what can you do with it? Don’t worry, I’m here to walk you through everything.

What Can You Do On The Portal?

Well, it kinda depends on your event pro, and whether they’re doing most of the work, whether you’re sharing tasks, or whether you’re managing things with their help. Your event pro will share planning tools with you – some of which you’ll be able to view, and other aspects you’ll be able to edit as well.

The first thing to know is that it works great on a mobile device. You can keep an eye on your event’s progress on the go.

The second thing is that as your event planner makes any changes, you’ll see the changes reflect in your client portal automatically.

Let’s go through it section by section. But remember, your portal might look a little different depending on the scope of your event and the role of your event pro. But first, the basics.

The Basics

You don’t need to create a ThymeBase account, but because you’ll be sharing private details with your event pro, it is password protected. Please ask your event pro for the password but you probably received it when they invited you to the client portal.

In each section, you’ll be able to review what your event pro is working on. These sections are:

  • Tasks – a to-do list with due dates, status tracking, categories, filtering and more.
  • Timeline – your day-of-event schedule
  • Notes – a blank slate for sharing ideas, notes and even picture galleries
  • People – a list of contact details of people involved in your event
  • Files – a place to store and share files like contracts and floorplans
  • Budget – a very detailed event budget calculator to track expenses and payment schedules

Adding Comments

One of the best features of the client portal is the ability to add comments to tasks and timeline items. This means you and your event pro can have productive discussions about specifics in their context. To add a comment, click on a task or timeline item to expand it.

But that’s not all. You can include links, or even attach files and images to the comments, like this:

That goes for the task list, client portal and anywhere else you see a note or comment space. You can also type the @ symbol to direct a comment to a specific person.

Whenever you make a comment, your event pro gets an email notification and an in-app notification too. And the same goes for you. If they’ve invited you through ThymeBase, we’ll email you when there’s a new comment for you.

Downloading, Sharing and Printing

You don’t have to be tied to the client portal. If you click on the purple button on the top right of any page, you can download a PDF of whatever section you’re working on.

You can download a PDF for printing and emailing, or copy a link of the timeline to share with someone else.

Technical Support

There’s a little more to the client portal, but it depends on your workflow with your event pro. But if you ever have questions about the portal, want a tour, or just have feedback, you’re always welcome to reach out. We’re always around and reply to emails within minutes (seriously!).