Client Portals From The Client’s Perspective

If you’re a client and your event professional sent you a link to the client portal, let me just say that I hope your event is a spectacular success.

But what on earth is the client portal, and what can you do with it? Don’t worry, I’m here to walk you through everything.

The Task List

The task list is where you can see the things that need to get done. Keep an eye on the due date and status so you can be sure that all the planning is on track.

As your event planner adds tasks or makes any changes, you’ll see the changes reflect in your client portal automatically.

As your planner changes the status of a task, you’ll see it move from To Do to:

  • In progress – when the task is being worked on.
  • Waiting – when you’re waiting for something before moving forward
  • Done

You can download the task list by clicking “Download Tasklist” on the right hand side.

Share Files

One of best things about the client portal is that it’s an efficient way to share files, images and more.

You’ll see the attachments section on the right hand sidebar of a task, or view images in the body of the description.

The Event Timeline

Look for the timeline heading on the right hand side of the page. There you’ll see options to:

  • View Shareable Link
  • Copy Shareable Link
  • Download Timeline

If you click on View, your event timeline will open and you’ll be able to see the moment by moment schedule of your event day.

The copy link option copies a link to the timeline to your clipboard. You can then paste this into an email, or text message and share it with anyone who needs to see it.

The download option will create a PDF version of the event timeline so you can print it or save a hard copy.

Like with the task list, any updates to the timeline by the event planner will be automatically updated here too. So you can be 100% confident that this timeline is always the latest version.