Pricing Plans: How Much Does ThymeBase Cost?

That’s an easy one. We’ve tried to keep our awesome event planning software pretty simple, and that includes the pricing plans. ThymeBase has only two pricing plans. The first plan, up to 5 simultaneous active events is totally free. Yup, free. 

If you’re planning more than 5 events at the same time, then ThymeBase costs $10 per customer per month. That’s the Next Level plan, and it offers unlimited active events.

You can read a little more about it here, on our pricing page.

What is an active event?

In ThymeBase an event is either active or archived. 

An active event is an event you’re currently working on. You can add tasks, edit the timeline, share the timeline with vendors or clients, etc. When you log in to your ThymeBase account, you’ll see your active events right away.

An archived event is an event that you manually archived. Once an event is archived, it no longer counts toward your event total. 

To archive an event, click on the three dots and select archive, like this:

Archiving events in ThymeBase

To see your archived events, you can click on the Events menu here, and select “Archived Events.” From there, you can restore a past event if you’d like to resume working on it.

Archived events in ThymeBase

And if your credit card ever fails, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered.