How The Activity Tracker Works

The activity tracker in ThymeBase is a great way to keep track of your team’s progress. It also serves as a record of work done for clients and a reference of when a specific action took place. 

It’s something of a work-in-progress, so check back here, or reach out to us, if you feel something is missing. 

How To Track Activity?

There are actually a few places you can view your activity, each with a slightly more focused view. 

All activity

At the highest level, you can view all your and your team’s actions across all events. This also includes any client activity that happens in the client portal, like new comments.

You’ll find this activity tracker in the sidebar:

Event activity

Then, if you’d like to see the progress of a specific event, you’ll see that in the activity tab within that event. 

  1. Click into the event from the dashboard
  2. Select the activity tab

Here, you’ll see any event-specific activity, including any client portal actions.

Client portal activity

Sometimes, you just want to focus on your client. So, if you pop over to your client portal tab in an event, you’ll see only activity in the client portal, including both you and your client’s comments. 

What Does The Activity Tracker Track?

As of December 2021, the activity tracker keeps a record of the following actions:

  • Client portal activated
  • Task created
  • Task deleted
  • Comment added
  • Change of task status (for example, from Waiting to Done)

We’ll soon be adding more and more actions to the activity tracker across the entire event. If there are any actions you’d like to track, let us know. We’ll be sure to prioritize them.