How To Change The Date Of An Event

What to do if an event is postponed? Well, if you need to change the date of an event, ThymeBase has you covered.

Postponed events create a lot of stress and a lot of work. There are a million emails to write, and phone calls to make to reschedule the venue and vendors. And when it comes to your event planning software, it also means a lot of super annoying work to update all the due dates and tasks.

Good news! In ThymeBase, it’s actually really easy.

Here’s how.

  1. Let’s begin on the event dashboard.
  2. Click the menu on the top right corner of the event tile and select “duplicate.”
  3. Rename the event, enter the basic details, and include the new event date.
  4. Then select “Calculate tasks’ due dates based on the new date.” This automatically updates all your task due dates relative to the new event day.
  5. Then, if everything else is the same, select keep all contacts and keep all locations.
  6. That’s pretty much it. But there’s one more step. Simply archive the old event for a clean dashboard.