How To Export PDFs in ThymeBase

Sure, it’s fantastic using event planning software like ThymeBase. The details auto-update for everyone on the team. Clients always see the latest timeline. You don’t need to send out new documents every time you make a tiny change to a timeline or add a new contact to an event.

And yet…

Sometimes you just need a PDF. Maybe it’s for offline use, or perhaps it’s because a vendor asks for it. Well, ThymeBase has you covered. 

Exporting A PDF

You can export PDFs of almost anything in an event:

  • Tasks
  • Event Timeline
  • People
  • Budget

To do so, you can click the share icon and then select “download copy.”

How To Export A Filtered PDF

When it comes to the task list, you might want to only export a portion of the tasks. For example, based on a category, status, or the due date. Here’s how to do that.

First, click on the filter icon:

Apply your filter. And in case you didn’t know this, you can filter by any combination of category, status, assignee, and date range.

Then, click the share icon and select “Download copy.”” ThymeBase will create a PDF based on your filters. Simple.

And speaking of simple…

Simplified PDF Exports

Coming in December 2021, we’ll release a more powerful PDF export. While it will have some other enhancements, I want to discuss the simplified summary export.

Click the Export PDF icon to open your export options.

You can choose between Table View or Summary View. 

The Table View includes pretty much everything in your task lists or timeline, including descriptions, contact details, location, images, files, etc. However, sometimes you don’t need that much information in your download. 

The Summary View is a prettier, simpler version. Here’s what that means:

Task List – shows only task name and due date.

Timeline – shows timeline item, time, and description. It also moves detailed location and contact details at the bottom of the timeline.

Coming Soon

We’re often improving the export PDF feature, so check back soon for more updates, or reach out to us to ask if you think something is missing.