How To Set Up Branding In ThymeBase

ThymeBase is collaborative when it comes to working with clients. You can create a client portal to share the event to-do list and day-of timeline, but you can also brand your client portal and timelines. You can go from default to your brand colors.

Here’s how.

1. Enable Branding In Add-Ons

Head over to the add-ons area in ThymeBase and enable Branding.

Then, click the “manage branding” link over on the right.

Enable Branding In Add-Ons

2. Add Your Logo & Company Details

Now for the fun part. Upload your logo and company details.

Square logos work best, but don’t worry if you have a rectangular logo. It’ll look just fine. And when it comes to the details section, please keep in mind that this text will appear on all your branded documents. It’s not event-specific, so keep it general.

3. Customize Your Colors

Lastly, you can customize your client portal and timeline’s color palette.

Choose a color palette

You have a few options when it comes to setting your color palette. You can choose from our pre-set colors, use HEX, RGBA or use the color picker and slider. But if you ever need help grabbing the exact colors from your logo or website, and aren’t sure how to find the HEX code, just let us know. We’ll help you get the exact colors and can help set up branding for you too. Just say the word!

And in the end, your event timelines will look lovely!

A branded event timeline in ThymeBase