Managing Links & Documents in ThymeBase

As you create events, manage your event task lists, or add timeline items in ThymeBase, you have the option to add files and links. You might be uploading a floor plan, attaching a contract to a task, or appending a link to the timeline as a reference.

Okay, but here’s the cool thing. Files or links you add in this area, get automatically added to the Documents or Links areas respectively.

Of course, sometime you’ll want to manage this stuff. And that’s why we build the documents and links areas where you can search your files, add notes, and more.

So both documents and links get their own spaces in which to manage them. And you can reach them from the sidebar:

Then, once you’re in either the link so or documents manager, you can add new files, add notes to existing files, and even give them uniquely clear titles.

And the coolest part is… you can search by the name or the notes you added. Which makes finding the right document super easy.

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