How To Set Up & Configure Client Portals In ThymeBase

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to set up and configure client portals in ThymeBase and control exactly which planning assets your client can access.

Client portals are a fantastic way to collaborate with clients on their events with fewer emails. And fewer emails means a quieter inbox, less frantic scrolling through uber-long email threads for a file, better version control, and happier clients all around.

While ThymeBase is a place to centralize your event planning across events, it’s also a place to centralize your client communication around their event.

But here’s the most important thing – you get to choose what your client sees

So what can you do with ThymeBase’s client portals? I’m glad you asked:

You can share almost anything event-related with your clients, including:

  • Tasks – Event-related to-dos specific to your client. You choose which tasks are added.
  • Timelines – Auto-updating event timelines
  • Notes – A blank slate for notes, image collections, and more
  • People – Contact details of everyone involved
  • Files – A single repository of the important event files from floorplans to contracts
  • Budget – The best event budget calculator. Seriously!

Here’s how to configure client portals and decide what your client can see and collaborate with you on.

1. Click on the client portal tab in your event. 

2. Activate your client portal.

3. Click on”> Manage Client Portal” to expand the menu

4. Choose what your client sees by selecting from “hidden,” “view only,” or “can edit.” 

What Do The Configure Options Mean?

This tab won’t be added to the client portal. You’ll see it in your event, but your client won’t have access to it.

View Only:
Your client will see this section but won’t be able to edit anything. That means they can’t create or delete any items. However, on tasks and timelines, your client can still add comments.

Can Edit:
Your client can edit anything on the page, including creating new items and deleting items. Don’t worry, though; the client portal activity feed will track changes, so you’re always in control.

You can always see what your client sees by clicking on the link in the Manage Client Portal section or clicking on the share icon. 

It’ll open up the client portal, and you can see things from your client’s perspective. 

And if your client needs some help, feel free to send them here: Client Portals From The Client’s Perspective.

As always, feel free to get in touch with any questions!