Set up client portals in ThymeBase

Client portals are a fantastic way to collaborate with clients on their events with fewer emails. And fewer emails means a quieter inbox, less frantic scrolling through uber-long email threads for a file, better version control and happier clients all around.

While ThymeBase is a place to centralize your event planning across events, it’s also a place to centralize your client communication around their event.

So what can you do with ThymeBase’s client portals? I’m glad you asked:


  • Share the latest version of the event timeline
  • Download the timeline as a PDF
  • Your client can copy the timeline link to share with friends and family


  • Share event tasks and task statuses with your client
  • Your client can download a pdf list of tasks

Links, Documents, Images:

  • Share files with clients
  • Share images and create mini-galleries
  • Include links with tasks

Okay, there’s a lot you can do. Here’s how to set everything up.

1. Enable Client Portals in the add-ons section

Head to the sidebar and click on the “add-ons” section.

Enable Client Portals in the add-ons section

Then, click the “manage client portals” link.

Manage client portals

2. Choose the event

Select the event you’d like to enable the portal for, and click create.

Enable an event's client portal

Next, just confirm you want to spin up the client portal by clicking the orange “create client portal” button.

3. Share with your client

Then, simply share the client portal with your client.

Share client portals

Click “invite client” and enter your client’s email address. They’ll receive an email with a simple, memorable password and a link to the portal.

Note: Your clients won’t need to create a ThymeBase account.

Adding Tasks to the Client Portal

Now that you’ve enabled the client portal, you can add specific tasks to the portal. As the planner, you have control over which tasks will be visible to the client. By default, no tasks will appear, but here’s how to add tasks to the client portal.

1. Open a task in your event’s task list

Back in your event, click the pencil icon on a task to edit it. You’ll now see a checkbox in the task menu.

2. Check the checkbox

Any tasks with that checkbox checked will appear in the client portal. You’ll know which tasks you’ve added to the client portal because that little orange star will appear next to the tasks, like this:

Which tasks show in client portals

That means you can keep your tasks and your client’s tasks in one place for you, but your client only sees the tasks you want to share with them.

This is what your client will see:

If you’ve added anything to the task like images, files, links etc. then your client can expand the task. This is what makes this so darn cool. You can share ideas, files and more, all while keeping everything organized, easy-to-find and all in one place.

What a client sees in client portals

Note: The shareable timeline link isn’t shown by default. You’ll still need to enable timeline sharing in the event timeline itself. To do so, head over to your event timeline and click this:

Once enabled, your client will see the “view shareable link” and “copy shareable link” options in their client portal.

As always, feel free to get in touch with any questions!

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