The Event Notes Section

When working on your event in ThymeBase’s event planning software, you’ll notice the event details section. Watch this video or read about it below.

You’ll find the event details tab in your event:

Event Details Section Tab in ThymeBase

But what can you actually do in the event details section? And why do you need it?

Well, you can do almost anything you can think of:

  • Add and format text
  • Store important files and documents
  • Add images and floorplans

So, for example, you could type out the basic event details like guest counts, food preferences or any other notes you’d like. And that’s exactly what it’s there for – a place to store your event notes!

You could also create a gallery of reference images as a mood board. To do this, just drag images in. You can also reorder images or place them beside each other horizontally. Just drag the images around.

Or combine all of the above for an event details section that looks a little like this:

The Event Details Section

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