What if my credit card charge fails?

It’s important to feel secure when relying on event planning software like ThymeBase. And that means if your credit card fails, we’ve got your back.

First, don’t stress it. You won’t lose any important details. Your account will remain totally accessible and active. 

Then, we’ll try to charge your card on file in a day or so, in case there was a technical error. If the problem persists, you’ll get an alert from ThymeBase. 

Eventually, after a week of non-payment, we’ll suspend the account but you’ll be able to re-activate the account. If you have any questions, talk to us!

What happens if the account is suspended?

Not much. If your credit card fails, while you won’t be able to access your events, but nothing will be deleted. Your events and other information will be stored safely. If you need help getting the account active again or downgraded to free, just let us know and we’ll help.

You can learn more about how our billing works here.

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