Why You Should Name Your Team Right Away

A ThymeBase Team is how you collaborate with others on events. And every team needs a name, right?

In fact, naming your team is all you need to do to get it set up.

Once you set up your team, you can invite others to collaborate on events with you. You can invite colleagues and add vendors to a specific event. Then, instead of cluttering up your inbox with discombobulated email threads, outdated files, and hard-to-find details, you can keep everyone on the same page in the event.

With Teams, you can:

  • Keep discussions organized with comments
  • Share access to event files like floor plans and day-of-timeline
  • Assign tasks to colleagues and track when they’re done
  • And more.

But what if you were invited by someone? Or your colleagues already use ThymeBase?

Joining An Existing Team

If you were invited by someone, you’re already a part of their team. Any events they’ve shared with you will automatically show in your account. Easy!

If you signed up to ThymeBase directly without an invitation, and you know your colleagues have a team, just ask them to invite you.

But you should still name your own account’s team something like “My Personal Team.” That way, you can keep your personal event planning separate from other teams’ events and avoid confusion. You don’t have to, but it’s a good idea in the long run.