How To Invite A Client To The Client Portal

Inviting a client to the client portal is easy. Here are a couple of ways to invite your client to the portal so you can collaborate easily, and outside of your inbox.

Within any event, if you navigate to the client portal tab, you’ll see a share icon on the top right corner.

Click the “Invite Client” option to, well, invite your client. You’ll enter their email address and we’ll send them an invitation with their password.

Note: Your client does NOT need to create an account. The password is just there to protect privacy so you can share contracts and other personal info, but there’s no account creation and we won’t send your client marketing emails or anything icky like that.

If you’d ever like to see what your client sees, click “Manage Client Portal.”

Then you’ll see the client portal URL as well as their password (in case they forget).

Click on that URL to open the client portal in a new tab – you’ll see what the client sees.