ThymeBase Support Resources

We’ve compiled the ThymeBase Support Resources to answer questions that we think might come up often. Before you go any further, know that the entire ThymeBase team is here for you. There’s no need to wander lost through our help documentation unless of course, you want to.

You can email us 24/7 at or get in touch with us in other ways like phone and chat here.

Anyways, please explore the various topics, see some common answers below, or use the search bar in the sidebar to find something specific.


Top Questions About ThymeBase

ThymeBase’s Customer Support Philosophy

The bottom line is that event planning software is often challenging to use. It can be something of a headache to learn from scratch. So while we’ve compiled the ThymeBase Support Resources for those of you who don’t like talking to a human (we get it!), we’ll never send you searching for help.

You’re always welcome to contact us directly in multiple ways. We’re available by phone, email, chat, and one-on-one demos at your convenience. And if you need some true white-glove support as you get to know ThymeBase, well, that’s totally fine. We’re here to help out as much as needed.