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The Task Dashboard

If you’d like to manage all your tasks in one place, even across multiple events, then I’ve got good news for you. Introducing the the Task Dashboard. The Task Dashboard is a single view in which you can see every... view article >>

How To Add A Task In ThymeBase [Video]

So you’re wondering how to add a task in ThymeBase? Well, I’m glad you’re learning how to plan events with us, and I’ll show you shortly, exactly how to add your very first tasks. So without further delay, here’s a... view article >>

Create A Task in ThymeBase

Once you’ve got your event created, it’s time to create a task in ThymeBase. Here’s how to add new tasks to the event.  Create A New Task on Desktop Step 1: Open the event Click on the event for which... view article >>

Task Status And What It Means

Every task you create under an event in ThymeBase’s event planning software has a status. While you’re free, of course, to interpret them however suits you, here’s what each status means to us To Do indicates that a task has... view article >>

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